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DIY oxygenation assembly?

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  • DIY oxygenation assembly?

    anybody have a o2 assy they're pleased with that isnt the $400 gwkent unit?

    we have the sabco HX with 3/4 TCs and therefore run out to the FV via 1/2 hoses. currently i've had a sightglass+tee set up with the o2 stone coming in from the side, attached to bottom port of the FV. but i feel that the sightglass/tee being much larger diameter at 1.5" is giving us less dissolved o2 than we should have. and also realized i should have it connected back off the HX so it has some time to absorb inside the hose before it hits the FV.

    so ideally i'ld like to find something like a 3/4 TC sized tee that will fit an o2 stone, if that even exists. probly doesnt. so maybe a 1" tee with a 1" sightglass? then back into 1/2 hose to create some backpressure and hopefully dissolve better on the way to FV.
    maybe even a 1" manifold tee for o2 stone and the thermometer to keep it all in one package more or less.

    if anybody has examples or suggestions please chime in.


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    You might Check out SS Brew Teck, They have a new one Out !!!

    You might Check out SS Brew Teck, They have a new one Out !!! Might Work for You !!

    Gregg Culhane


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      thanks. i looked it up on their site.

      did you buy this? or have you used this? it seems like a nice little set up. it doesnt have a thermometer, although that's easily fixed with another tee i guess.

      but as i'm looking more closely at the photos, i cant wrap my head around how and the hell you're supposed to be able to get any flow through this thing. i'd guess the actual head on a stone is about 1/2" wide, based on our stone, and the tee they use seems to be about the same diameter. if you look at the 4th photo of a sort of exploded view of the assembly, it kind of seems like you'd be blocking the flow with the stone head.

      anybody use this one?

      or have their own setup they've had success with?


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        One nice trick is to add a sanitary diagram valve

        Yes, But just got it for my small pilot system 1 bbl system, but had not had a chance to use it yet, but your right it's not for big flow, there not much between SS Brew Teck and the GW Kent unit, unless you make one, we did that, but I think the GW Kent is a good unit, simple & easy...

        One nice trick is to add a sanitary diagram valve, it does a super great job controlling wort flow, GW Kent also has them!!!

        Gregg Culhane


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          This is more or less what I use. You can obviously buy these pieces separately for a lower price, but this is a good place to start.


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            Thats about what i had in mind to piece together. On stouts site they show the stone all the way down in the glass, but the text says its only a 4" stone. Which one is it on your rig?


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              It goes nearly the full length of the glass, but it isn't as long as you think. I think 4" is about right. The stone, that is. The mount for the stone is longer to get it through the T and into the glass itself.