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    I am moving from home brewer to brewery. I have three 2bbl fermenters. I want to reuse my yeast. How should I go about collecting and how much?

    1) I am assuming I drop trub on fifth day? Then a few days later to collect maybe a gallon of residual trub/yeast at seven days?

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    If you only have 3 fermenters I don't think reusing yeast is a feasible option. You would want to harvest the yeast and then re-pitch it within 48 hours. I would recommend using dry yeast, with a new brick for each batch. This is what we do on our 7bbl system with 7 fermenters. This also allows you to use more than one strain of yeast, which is very important in my opinion.


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      You're small enough to where you can create your own yeast bank and prop for each brew. That's what we do. Get a stir plate and you can buy homebrew packs of yeast and prop them up to the pitch rate you need pretty easily.