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2012 Hop Harvest

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    Originally posted by BiteMyLip
    “The fact that production is down 10,000 acres is not a bad thing. The result is 10,000 acres with hop poles currently doing nothing. This puts Yakima Valley growers in a position to more easily meet worldwide demand in the near future.

    Wish it were that simple…there is more to it than just a reduction in acreage 2007 to 2012.
    Some key factors to consider.

    Reduction in Willamette acreage of approx. 6,000 acres……that’s a big impact on the varieties picked “early season”.

    Reduction in ALPHA acreage of approx. 9,000 acres……that’s a big impact on the varieties picked “late season”.

    Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, Citra have almost tripled in acreage.……that’s a big impact on the varieties picked “mid season” .

    There may be a bunch of idle acres but you will soon exceed mid season picking capacity……what happens then?

    Are you willing to pay more for hops so that new pickers and dryers can be built?
    Yeah, I see what you are talking about. That current harvesting capacity will soon be exceeded because of the demand for aromas. I am not sure whether investments in more harvesting capacity will translate to higher prices. I do know that growers not being able to meet demand will lead to shortages. That will definitely lead to higher prices.