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    I'm looking to use aseptic apricot puree in a Berliner weisse quite soon, and I normally add fruit additions pre-fermentation during knock-out. Having not used apricot before -- my experience is with a low-expression peach puree -- I'm hoping to find out if others have used this and in what sort of quantity it was utilized to get a nice aroma and flavor. Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

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    Did you ever come up with a solution for this that worked well?
    Chris Mills

    Kereru Brewing Company


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      Originally posted by kererubrewing View Post
      Did you ever come up with a solution for this that worked well?
      We have fine tuned the additions over the last few batches(10bbl) and have landed on adding 168lbs(4 boxes) Apricot puree during knockout and 42lbs(1 box) more at the tail end of fermentation to trap some of the aromatics. The apricot flavor and aroma is definitely there but not overpowering. This works well with such a light beer(3.0%).


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        Hey guys.

        I have used both the Apricot and the Peach Puree from OF.
        The peach is expressionless and the Apricot is pretty flavorful and does it's job well.
        We're releasing our 2nd batch of Apricot Sour tonight and on batch 1 I used about 2.5 lbs per gallon (yeah, I said 2.5 per gallon)
        and it tasted like straight awesomeness. I backed it down on batch 2 to about 1.75 per gallon and while it still tastes great and has a good apricot flavor
        it doesn't have the bright apricot skin/biting an apricot flavor I experienced with our first batch.
        So it works well... dependent upon what you are doing I would shoot for about 2 lbs+ per gallon.
        Dave Witham
        Proclamation Ale Company