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Coconut, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans...

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  • Chet Sterling
    These ingredients seem to be in line with my experience. The beans are slightly high and nibs slightly low for my preference but definitely not way out of line. The coconut is dependent on how/when you use it, as well as preference, but also not way off. I've had good luck with toasting it and hanging it in the tank as suggested. And, yes, it usually takes more than you'd expect. If you picked the recipe then you liked that amount, right?

    I wouldn't call any of those ingredients adjuncts though. Spices, not adjuncts.

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  • woohokie
    started a topic Coconut, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans...

    Coconut, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans...

    Long story short, we hosted a homebrew comp and the winning beer is a double Porter containing all of the above adjuncts..

    We are a 7bbl operation and serve right from our 7bbl serving tanks. My thought was to dose the adjuncts in mesh bags into the fermenter but after scaling these ingredients up, the coconut alone is supposedly 63lbs - clearly that ain't gonna happen. Any ideas on ways to dose this stuff? My thought was to have blank 2# cap welded with a stainless hook to hang the bags from, but I'm unsure how much coconut I could actually pour into a bag and suspend in the tank. Also, any idea if I'll actually have to use anywhere near that amount or will much less (I'm hoping) do the trick. Same goes for vanilla beans at 2.64lbs and cocoa nibs at 11lbs... These were just scaled up from a 5gal batch fyi.

    Help me out.. We should have picked the citra ipa .. Ha.