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    We toast our coconut flakes and hang the beer inside the brite before racking to it, 2.5 lbs/bbl gives us a nice subtle flavor after 48 hours, you definitely know it's there, but isn't like fake extract tasting or sunscreen smelling. I've used Cacao nibs at .5 lbs/bbl and like that. I have vanilla and am very sensitive so i let others make vanilla beers.
    Eric O'Connor

    Thorn Street Brewery
    North Park, San Diego, CA


    • #17 resurrect this thread.... Anyone still paying attention have some guidance here?

      Big question is fine shredded vs. the larger flakes. Seems to me that fine shredded toasts more evenly.

      I've struggled with the amount of toasting needed to get great coconut flavor into a beer. Most recently I very lightly toasted coconut into a pilot batch which resulted in solidified coconut oil floating in the surface of the beer.

      One poster comments that about 2.5 lb per barrel made good that a subtle flavor or big strong flavor?