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Sudden loss of haze stability

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  • Sudden loss of haze stability

    We've had great success in the past years here at the brewery with our hazy ipas. Recently, we've upgraded our fermenters from 10HTL to 20HTL and most of our hazy Ipas that are coming out of our new fermenters have a tendency to drop clearer than usual and slightly less hop forward than their 10HTL versions.

    We haven't change anything in the process. We mostly use London III 1318 with high percentages of flaked malts/oats/wheat etc. The dry hop scheduled and ratios haven't been touched either. Our 10HTL batches are still great.

    The one thing where the process differs is that (because of the brewhouse limitations) we brew 10HTL on a fresh starter of yeast one day, come back the next day and brew an aditionnal 10HTL on top of what was brewed the day before using the overnight yeast multiplication to accomodate the 20HTL batch for a healthy pitch rate. Note : we have noted that it takes now a couple of days less than it used to do to reach final gravity.

    That sudden loss of haze has had me scratching my head not to mention the hassle of juggling with product consistency. Does anybody have any idea why this way of doing things is affecting my Ipas? Also, any clue as to how to fix it?

    Thank you