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Whoops! Probiotic in my beer...

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  • Whoops! Probiotic in my beer...

    I made a mistake today... not sure if this should be in the yeast section or here, but here it goes:

    About once a year I brew a Peanut Butter Porter. I get some of the peanut flavor from extract, and some from peanut butter powder. I went and bought the peanut butter powder, and there was a version advertised as no sugar, and I thought, "great." At the time, I failed to notice that it also contained pro-biotics. Specifically Bacillus Coagulans. I added it to my beer, not thinking much, and then starting thinking, I wonder why this is different, and then saw the ingredient list. I'm not usually so sloppy, but this was the perfect storm of something I've done enough times to not pay a whole lot of attention, and something I do infrequently enough that I didn't question a product I've used before (with more or less the same packaging), and I just wanted to get it done as it isn't a beer I love.

    So, thoughts? I don't pasteurize, and I don't filter, so this stuff is staying put. As long as I keep my kegs cold, do you think I'll be safe and not get a lacto-sour monster?

    A subsequent article I read about the bacteria says that the stuff is strong, and can survive coffee roasting and brewing, so people are considering using it in coffee and teas as a probiotic... I wonder if I've just screwed up my tank forever?