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Toasting and Adding Coconut

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  • Toasting and Adding Coconut

    Hi All,
    I'm doing my first coconut porter, and from my research looks like my best bet is toast the flakes(6lbs in 2.25bbl) and hang them in the fermenter towards the end of fermentation and until I like the taste or maybe in the Brite tank.

    If thats all good, my question is the toasting part. I have no way to toast at the brewery, so can I toast at home, then store them in something and bring to the brewery later or the next day? My main concern is sanitation.

    I posted this in another section first and someone did reply and say, I should have just purchased the Pre-toasted ones, but I already purchased non toasted ( Should have scrolled down further to find the toasted)


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    I have brewed with coconut for a number of years now and usually toasted it at home, placed in a clean bucket, and brought it back to the brewery. I've done this for both 2bbl and 30bbl batches with no issues. We usually hang the coconut in the BT, purge with CO2 after adding the coconut, and then fill with beer. We go by taste but usually between 3-7 days contact time.
    I will add that we recently started purchasing toasted coconut instead of toasting ourselves. Just be sure to buy unsweetened, toasted coconut. Some toasted coconut has sugar added.
    I hope this helps!



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      We toast our coconut in our pizza oven early in the morning before the restaurant needs it and lay all the coconut out flat to cool. Place in large sanitized mesh bags for use the same afternoon. Up to 6hrs can go by btw the oven and fermenter, never had any problem. We use unitanks and prep the FV with stainless carabineer on the spray ball before filling to hang the mesh bags. Usually 3-4 days at 60 deg, crash overnight, carb next day, fill kegs the next morning for total of 6-7 days.


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        I'd be interested to hear how do you hang the bags of coconut in the fermenter? What do you use for strings? Cheers.