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  • Caraway in beer

    I'm working up a recipe for a Caraway Rye beer. I know the actual style guides say not to use Caraway in a Roggenbier, but this isn't that. I'm looking to create something of a marble rye, which is half pumpernickle rye and half Jewish rye bread, in a glass. So the caraway is important.

    I'm loosely taking a London Brown Porter as my style, but with about 1/3 rye (CaraRye, Chocolate Rye, and Flaked Rye), and the hopping levels of a Roggenbier (10-20 IBUs, not LBP's 18-35). I'll be fermenting it with the North Coast ale strain (Denny's Favorite 50 from WYeast).

    Any thoughts how I should incorporate the caraway? I've been chewing on the idea of putting it in with the mash. I don't know if that'll get too bitter or too muted with the extended 120 minute boil I'm planning. Maybe better to go with the whirlpool? Here I'm worried it will be too fresh and predominate the more subtle flavors of the rye.

    Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.