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Fruit acids and head retention

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  • Fruit acids and head retention

    I'm planning on brewing 5bbl of an all-mosaic blueberry IPA soon. I'm planning on using a quart of concentrated blueberry juice in the brite, and a pound of organic lemon peel in the WP. I recently did a pale ale with 2# of lemon peel in the WP, and it definitely affected head retention. It pours beautifully and tastes fantastic, but the head drops completely within 5 min. That beer has 18% rye malt and 7.5% wheat malt. The one I am planning has 18% flaked oats. Is there a huge difference between the malt and the flakes regarding head retention? What will be the best way to preserve head retention in the finished product with that much fruit acids in the wort? I'm not scared to punch up the flaked adjunct level if necessary, but if it isn't necessary I'd rather save the shekels.

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    The lemon peel contains loads of oils, which is what I suspect is destroying the head. Not having used peel in beer, I can't comment on how you get round this other than not to use it! Perhaps juice itself? Different flavour I know, but...