Simple statement with profound implications. If it's true for mixed drinks it's true for beer recipes.
A change in fruit variety could change your products taste profile.
Might be a good change, might not be...Have any of you struggled with this problem with pineapple or other fruit products?

Not all pineapples are made equal, say mixologists
"If you thought that one pineapple tastes much the same as another, then think again. Amber Beverage Group spent more than a year trialling different varieties of the spiky fruit for its new smoked pineapple Tequila Rooster Rojo and have hit upon the perfect one.
According to the brand’s master distiller, it was unthinkable to use just any old pineapple. The team experimented with various kinds of pineapples and different roast levels for more than a year before hitting upon the perfect variety and smokiness.
Only Red Spanish Pineapples are used in the infusion due to the “exceptional taste profile” they provide. Generally smaller than other pineapples, with a more concentrated flavour, red pineapples are native to tropical and subtropical regions of South America but can also be found in Indonesia, where they are a symbol of prosperity. Harvested between February and July, the Red Spanish Pineapple is distinguished for its long, stretched, spiny leaves and firm pulp."

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