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    I wanted to ask how many peppers I should/could use in a 5 gallon keg of beer to give it a kick with out making people get a colectomy?

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    If you know the heat rating in Scoville units, you can use that to compute how much dried pepper by weight would be enough:

    As for fresh peppers, the spiciness will vary considerably from one pepper to the next, making it very difficult to predict the outcome.

    Having survived eating a Carolina Reaper raw, I would think that one pepper/bbl would be pushing most folks tolerance.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.


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      While I totally agree with Timm, be fore-warned that the scoville ratings on peppers have been found to be wildly inaccurate in general. They are great as a guideline, but any given pepper is subject to great differences.

      I love peppers, but I would edge away from the Reapers in beer, myself. I have done Fresno and Hatch batches in past years with great success. In-fact, just harvested about 5 lbs of Hatch Extra-Hot from the home garden yesterday. I also tasted a great Poblano beer one-time. I do not find heat attractive in beer myself, but rather the complexity of flavor. Reapers, Scorpion, & Bhut Joloka just wipe out most flavor, IMHO. FWIW grew up with the ole Ghost Faced Killah brewed 20 mins away - never have been a big fan.

      For 5 gallons, Sack em in a Corney and just transfer the beer off when you achieve desired heat level. My fresno batches were 7bbl in a grundy and would increase in heat over the few weeks.


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        TBH it's a 'how longs a piece of string' question.
        My spice tolerance as someone who grows superhots every year is gonna be way different to your customer who maybe finds tabasco sauce warm.
        You might find one reaper in 5 gallons is way too much or too little, depending on the beer.

        When i've made homebrews with chilli (5 gal keg aint far off a HB project) I make a tea by boiling peppers in sugar water and a tiny bit of acid.
        You can then take some beer and work out how much tea you need to add per 100ml etc and bench test it that way. It's also a good way of retaining the peppers flavour (not that reapers have particularly nice flavour).
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