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    Our town does not offer complete water analysis so I need to send samples to an outside lab.
    What labs would you recommend, and what tests should I request?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I hope you're not paying for that water. The federallies require water testing/reporting. Outside of that is Culigan. They have distribution in most US cities. Sure they'll try to sell you water treatment equipment after they test your water, just say no.

    They will supply you with a baseline.
    Cheers & I'm out!
    David R. Pierce
    NABC & Bank Street Brewhouse
    POB 343
    New Albany, IN 47151


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      More than the federales-- Colorado state gov requires all water providers to test and report to consumers of water.
      Even Uncompaghre Water Users formed in 1893 has to test and send me a postcard. Do you not trust Rifle water or are you working on a well?
      For well Grand Junction Labs:
      there is EnvironmentalChem Labs in GJ too but they are darn busy with oil and gas extraction
      Oh and your slacking water guys should pay for testing!


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        W-5 household complete mineral test $26.50


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          Sorry, I should have been more specific. Sometimes in my effort to avoid being long winded, my info gets a little too sparse.

          I did get the required breakdown of nasties, heavy metals, alk, hrd, etc...but the analysis doesn't list all the mineral concentrations (Ca, CaCO3, F, PO4, etc) and we of course would like this info before we start developing recipes.

          Thanks for the input. That complete mineral test from Ward looks like the ticket!

          Hey's it going down in Montrose???


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            Hey DocBob-

            Still too cold and too much snow (280% of average) Wanting some warmth and some greenery!

            Your water district or municipality is supposed to give you HCO3, Cloride, Sodium, SO4, Calcium, and Magnesium. Dept of health and Environmental Sciences says so
            Even a bakery or coffee place in Rifle will want these numbers too. It is truely Project 7 down here that supplies water to everyone here and they test-- tried to find your equivalent but not fast enough for the time I have.

            Realized info from Dex did not work:
            Grand Junction Laboratories
            435 North Ave
            Grand Junction, CO 81501-7511
            (970) 242-7618
            "Mineral Soil water and feed"
            Send bill to Rifle Utilities Dept.