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  • Beer fining agent

    How many brewery have used Nalco from Brewcraft (Country Malt Group) and are you happy with the results? I've been using Biofine Clear for the past year with good resualts but it's expensive and I have to have it shipped. Nalco costs about 17% less, i can pick up locally so no shipping, and it's available in smaller quantities for when money is a little tight. However, if it doesn't work as good as the Biofine it's not worth it.

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    I made the switch from bio fine to nalco a few years ago for the same reasons. At the time I did a few side by side comparisons in clear glass growlers. At least for me in that trial I found that the nalco cleared up faster and gave a tighter yeast cake. It's the only stuff I use now.


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      Nalco 1072 and Biofine Clear are the same product. My understanding is that Nalco is the largest producer of the colloidal silica and that kerry purchases from them and repackages.
      On another note, make sure that you do not refrigerate either of these finings, they will crystallize and loose strength.


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        Thanks for the replies. I'm going to give the Nalco a try.