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Indian Coriander seeds

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  • Indian Coriander seeds

    Looking for a good source for bulk Indian Coriander seeds, any leads would be apreciated, thank you in advance.

    Michael Lalli
    choc beer company

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    coriander seeds

    I'm not sure if they are Indian but I get whole coriander seeds from North Country Malt in Champlain, NY. They are much better looking than store versions and they have great aroma. My guess is that they really are Indian coriander seeds but just not listed as such. Hope that helps.
    Jay Stoyanoff
    Plattsburgh Brewing Co.
    Plattsburgh, NY


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      I'm trying to get some from Deep Foods ( Trick is their online order service ( won't ship to Alaska for some reason. I've purchased their coriander before from a local Indian market, since defunct. It was noticeably different from the Mexican we got from a brewing supply house, probably Steinbarts. It was more citrusy and cleaner tasting in the brew.

      The Spice House says theirs is Moroccan (still talking *coriander* here); Penzey's wasn't Indian least when I spoke with them two years ago.

      I'm having a tough time turning up anything, at least through the internet and would be interested in finding a reliable least one that ships to *all* the US!
      Clarke Pelz
      Cynosure Brewing


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        Just curious and potentially ignorant.

        What is the difference in coriander- variety or location of growth?

        I thought coriander was just cilantro that went to seed.

        I love learning this stuff!


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          I have been using the Deep Foods brand and I have been buying them from grocery babu as well however we have been buying the 14oz size which for some reason they dont have at this time, the only size they have is 7oz. I have been trying to get them to sell me bulk but I'm not having much luck. I'm no spice expert but the Indian coriander I get from Deep Foods is way differnt, in a good way, than the Mexican stuff I can get through our food supplier. If I can find a source I'd be glad to send some to Alaska, stay tuned.

          Michael Lalli


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            Certainly location of origin and probably cultivar. Indian coriander is sometimes know as yellow or green coriander and is oblong in shape and, oddly enough yellowish green. It has a citrus-y aroma and lemonish taste. Mexican coriander is smaller and dusky yellow and can have vegetal/celery seed flavor. We taste it as hotdog-y around here though I've seen that flavor attributed to Curacao orange peel. Randy Mosher discusses this in "Radical Brewing" I believe. Moroccan is spherical and larger than Mexican coriander though I don't know I've ever tasted it.

            This has some interesting general info:

            And this has some interesting information:
            An A to Z Catalog of Innovative Spices and FlavoringsDesigned to be a practical tool for the many diverse professionals who develop and market foods, the Handbook of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavorings combines technical information about spices-forms, varieties, properties, applications, and quality specifications- with informatio

            Particular the list of essential oils that look hop-like to my un-schooled eye.
            Clarke Pelz
            Cynosure Brewing


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              The organic seeds I've grown and planted are spherical. Sort of citrusy, sweet, with some spice and some other flavor. Just organic cilantro seeds and probably from Johnny's Seeds if I'm to guess ( we order alot from them).

              I did see that coriander seeds were/are(?) the "nuclei" for making the large suckers on a stick. I always liked that flavor at the end.

              I guess if the sucker had a tootsie middle, I probably got there quicker.

              I'm loving the education on coriander. Didn't know that some weren't round.

              Anybody have any variety verbage to go with this discussion?

              Differences. Got to love it.


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                I bought some from here:

                Not exactly what I'd call "bulk" though...


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                  Frontier Natural Products Co-op at


                  has a great selection of organic herbs and spices. They sell by the pound and have alot of ground items as well.



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                    It's available at your local Indian grocery stores. Spice sold in big bag and cheap.


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                      Ok, here's my upshot on this coriander thing.

                      Which variety do you want for brewing?

                      I only see difference in varieties on websites relating to how fast the Cilantro bolts to seed and becomes coriander.

                      Are brewers saying they only want this plant if it is grown in India?

                      I'm getting ready to plant more cilantro. Which one???????

                      Which "coriander" do brewers want?

                      Is it location or variety???.................or.... just price.


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                        So I see that coriander is going for $4+ - $11+ dollars US ( chemical vs. organic). Pretty cheap either way. Potent stuff IF stored correctly.

                        So what's the difference with choosing the "correct" coriander for brewing?

                        The only differences I've seen from seed companies are varieties of CILANTRO that are slow to bolt and BOLTED CILANTRO makes CORIANDER seed. Bolting in Cilantro starts when the soil temps reach 75F.

                        Why would a brewer want Indian Coriander and not another coriander? Terroir? Variety?

                        I guess I'm just curious. I just planted a few pounds of coriander seed and I hope it's a good one.

                        If there are diffences in Coriander, please clue me in.

                        I know that I'll brew with my organic coriander and I'll use my organic native NM hops to boot!

                        Life is simple. Don't wait for Godot. Just do it.