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Bottling/Canning Lines - What do you think?

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  • Bottling/Canning Lines - What do you think?

    I need to purchase a flexible bottling/canning line that can grow with us over the next 5-7 years. We are a new brewery and putting in a 20 or 30 bbl brewhouse. I have not decided on cans or bottles but would like the flexibility to do either. If there is a better bottling line and a better canning line, I am open to purchasing both.

    At this point, I am leaning towards PPM, either the Buddy Series or the Epic LT.

    What is the consensus on PPM?
    Is there a better option?
    What do you all suggest?

    I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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    I don't have one, but also check out Wild Goose Eng. in CO.
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      I don't believe you will find a machine capable of doing both. Buying a line to do both up front would be a big undertaking and the capital is probably better spent in other areas at the onset.

      I think the decision whether to bottle or can should start before the search for equipment. You need to decide what fits with your brand and marketing identity. Are you going after the outdoorsy demographic? Better look at cans. Are you looking to do high end Belgians? Maybe 750 ml bottles fit best. What is your market like? Are there any other craft brewers around you that are canning? If not do you want to be the first? How are cans accepted in your market? There is still a stigma in some areas about them. Do you want to be the guy to break that stigma or do you want to "go with the flow? I think these are some of the first questions to ask yourself.

      Secondly is the capital and space aspect. Do you have the capital and the space to buy and store 50-100,000 cans at a time? If the answer is no, then it looks like you will be bottling. If you have the capital, the space, and the branding that leads you down the canning road then start looking into equipment.

      There are companies that make excellent equipment for bottling or canning. Finding a good supplier should not be an issue and shouldn't enter into the decision as to whether you can or bottle. Determine which way you want to go first, that will cut down on the necessary supplier research...
      Scott LaFollette
      Fifty West Brewing Company
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        Originally posted by PPMCorp_BKF
        Actually PPM does have a machine that will do both. We build a modular platform which consists of a filling module, and then add-on modules for crowning and seaming.
        Sorry. I was unaware of this machine. My mistake.
        Scott LaFollette
        Fifty West Brewing Company
        Cincinnati, Ohio


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          Thank you.

          Thank you for all the feedback!


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            Hands on

            See about going to a location that has the proposed brand unit and join in for a full day.
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