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GW Kent Keg Filler with FOB

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    Good for Nano

    Just my two cents, the filler has been working great for me. Two caveats, i'm only 2.5 BBL's big and am therefore not in a huge hurry to fill many kegs at a time. You hook it up with a plastic cup on top of the outlet so it doesn't shoot out anywhere, let the beer rip, and go do something else for a few minutes. It stops with nearly zero beer loss. Unscrew the outlet a smidge and tap to get the little ball falling again, then you're good to go again. Really works well. Just be sure when you disassemble that you are nowhere near a drain where little components can fall to their demise. I do agree there should be spare parts available for reasonable sums.
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      Originally posted by zaphyodd42 View Post
      Replacement GW Kent FOB


      The bier line valve before the FOB is there so it will fit on a 1/6bbl keg.

      I have good news and bad news on getting these made by my guy. I ordered 10 of them a while ago and since then none of them have broken or given me any trouble at all.

      Bad news is that my guy has retired from working for this company and his first response to making more was that he could not.

      I begged a little, he is a friend of a friend of mine, and now he says he's talking to the company about sneaking in there after hours and making some for me. If he is able to then I'll pass them along to anyone that might want a couple. As far as him going into business making whole bunches of these though, I'd say its unlikely at this point.

      Why not check around where you live to see if you can dig someone up that can do this close to your brewery?
      Did anyone ever find a source for these or is everyone just using the new "Gold Plated" version from GWKent?