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  • Beerpouch™

    This looks interesting?
    Put your beer in bags!
    Anyone ever seen or used these?
    (Not affiliated with seller)

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    I read through their website.

    However, most of these pouches more or less impart some plastic taste to the content... I used to do sensory studies in a lab. we put water in these pouches (juice cartons, similar inner lining) over night and then do sensory tests. While most of them don't impart anything strong (in water!), often it is still detectable.

    the other thing is, they say it's currently not recycled. for me it's a big issue.

    But I think I am going to contact them and see if I can have a sample or two!
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      also...there is no current manufacturers of an automated filling line. I talked to these guys at the CBC trade show and they were clue less. i asked about automated trials and package airs. They made up an answer. Not a group I'd be interested in doing business with. Looks like they'd just like to have another outlet for their pourpose built package....

      IMO anyway
      Larry Horwitz


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        They also are not to affordable

        I just thought it was interesting


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          I always thought the traditional form, fill and seal pouches (i.e. CapriSun or Wyeast smack packs) would make an interesting packaging alternative. Has anyone ever tried putting beer into one of those?



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            Thanks for chiming in, glad to get some real world feedback
            Without actual experience with this product all we can do is speculate
            You brought many favorable benifits to light, and confirmed the real world suitibility issues

            Thanks for the feedback

            I wonder if they offer samples? I would not mind checking them out myself


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              Unrine on a hydrant? Nice. How much did they pay you for your shamless ad? I asked what their average package airs were like (since you / they or so fired up about the o2 reduction here) and they couldn't even give me an answer that was a package air result....I was told "It's just better"

              Whatever. You may be duped but I will not be. I am tired of people make claims about products with nothing to back them up. Use 'em if you like but I doubt you'll see these coming off of anyones package line with beer in them anytime soon.

              I also notice you only have 1 post. Who are you? I don't hide my identity here...or my 14 years of brewing experience....are you perhaps the company that produces this product?
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              Larry Horwitz


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                come on, Larry, let's give them a benefit of doubt. We have not seen any pouched beer (they only distribute in the west coast states). If oxygen level is an issue, I am sure we will be able to detect it in the actual beer.

                that said, has any one seen/tried these pouched beer??

                I contacted Kevin Tubbs of Incan Beverage Packaging, they are currently out of stock and expecting the new batch in a week or two. But he's willing to send out a couple samples after that. so try contact them!

                I will do some sensory tests and post the results when I get my hands on them.


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                  Bagging on the Bags

                  I, too, have been following this thread with some interest. I don't post often, I know, but I have two ears, two eyes, but only one mouth and I try to use them in that 4:1 ratio.

                  A few years ago when I was a bottling line operator at Orchard Street Brewery in Bellingham we experimented with bags like these. Filling was done by hand, there was no filling/sealing machines available at the time. We did not get to the point where we could test for airs. Reason being, none of the bags survived long enough. The pressure of the carbonated beverage caused the seals to rupture. Also, the bags would delaminate over time, accellerating when in the pressence of peracetic acid sanitizer. Failures were more rapid when the filled bags were stored at room temperature. The manufacturer sent us numerous different samples over the course of six months, each batch being slightly different as it seemed they were trying to develop better bags. However, we were never satisfied with their performance and we discontinued the experiment.

                  So, there you have another data point of realworld experience.
                  Brew hard!
                  Aldergrove Brewery
                  Tulalip, Washington


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                    Originally posted by Larry Horwitz
                    I also notice you only have 1 post. Who are you? I don't hide my identity here....are you perhaps the company that produces this product?
                    I also noticed this, but I thought I would be optimistic and wait and see

                    If they got the "goods" and get some samples out to us, I am sure our members will give us an honest option


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                      We tested these bags a few years ago with our beer. We did not find any issues with flavor, or at least anything different than we see with our bottled product. However we went to great pains to make sure there was no air left in the top of the bag. We tried some that we purged with CO2, and others where we jetted the beer to foam it up before sealing the bag. If you are filling these by hand, I don't know that you would have time to do that on each and every bag so I would worry about consistency between bags. As for us, it was a novel idea but they were messy and awkward to fill, and hard to seal sanitarily so we decided it wasn't worth our time for our size of operation. The lack of an automated carbonated beverage filling device didn't help either. We could find plenty of machines that handled juice pouches, but never found one that handled carbonated beverage pouches. On a positive note, aside from no flavor issues, this bag has a hefty double ziplock type seal, one of our guys dropped it from 6 feet off the ground and it didn't bust open and none of them leaked or lost CO2 after 1 month of storage in our test. Get some samples and see what you think, I do believe they have their niche for certain applications.



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                        pricing so to get started with the Brewers Kit it will cost $0.74 per pouch which comes out to $4.44 per sixpack so selling to a store wholesale how much can be made on the beer?




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                          Reviving an apparent dead issue....

                          Has anyone continued to use these kinds of packages?
                          I found another article this morning about a company (looks like the ones that developed the INCAN pouches, as these are also produced in Florida)

                          they have a tradename CarboPouch TM and some pretty interresting (at least to me) designs.
                          since im starting out so small, I was wondering if it was a viable option.......


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                            Is anyone else wondering how the end user is supposed to get to grips with a carbonated beverage in a flexible container? Numerous low-comedy scenarios suggest themselves...


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                              Originally posted by wiredgourmet
                              Is anyone else wondering how the end user is supposed to get to grips with a carbonated beverage in a flexible container? Numerous low-comedy scenarios suggest themselves...
                              leave it to an Irishman to suggest something about this thing is Funny.....