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Growler Fills and Bottling with Gas Blender?

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  • Growler Fills and Bottling with Gas Blender?

    I hate the waste from growler fills on the tap.

    I want to install a Tee off the tap line in the walk-in right at the tap wall (taps on the walk-in wall, door very close) with a valved quick disconnect and use a simple home-brew type filler with about another 6' of line (in addition to the 8' from the keg) to fill the growlers in the cooler at 38 F.

    We are currently ONLY a tasting room (Montana has weird laws) BUT I could see bottling a benefit beer for the local school seasonally. I could ostensibly use the same filler for small run bottles (a couple cases at a time).

    We have a tap for filtered water on the tap wall. I can Tee that and use it to clean the filler after every fill.

    Any issues using the 60/40 gas blend? According to McDantin- a 1 bar carb needs 32 (maybe 34) psi of a 60/40 blend to keep the CO2 in solution.

    JC McDowell
    Bandit Brewing Co.- 3bbl brewery and growing
    Darby, MT- population 700
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