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Succesfully Applying labels onto wet bottles

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  • Succesfully Applying labels onto wet bottles

    Hi all
    Anyone has experience with inline labelling right after filling? What type of labels can be used to apply on wet bottles coming out of the filler?
    Cheers and stay healthy!

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    The labels I use for manual application on cans are BOPP labels with S7000 Fasson adhesive by Avery Dennison. Can go on wet or dry and will cure.
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      Are you doing this manually or on an automated line? Have you considered sleeving the cans? There are lots of options.


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        I am using an easy labeler. So, basically manually. I don't see why this wouldn't work with an automated process is long as you order your labels in the correct discharge position and roll size.


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          We offer a couple of different types of labelers. We just worked with a distillery doing front and back labels coming off the same roll and being automatically applied to the bottles. You can get the labels printed up on rolls any way you want and then run bottles down the conveyor to the labeler and it will apply automatically.
          Please see video here-