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  • diy can rinser

    We have a small semi-manual can filler that purges and fills two cans at a time. I have not used it yet and need to come up with an efficient way to rinse the cans. We're small at 5bbl and would maybe fill 1-2bbl in cans per run. I've thought it would be simple to fill a plastic tote with sanitizer and just drop in the cans. But a more "elegant" idea is to use a glass washer for each can before it is placed into the filler. I'm thinking I could fill a small keg (sixtel or corny) with sanitizer and add a little pressure and then drop the drain hose into a sink or other catch vessel. Has anyone ever done anything like this?

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    We do 100 cases of cans a day using the tub & dunk method with a Cask manual 2-head filler & seamer. On the other hand, I use a homebrewing-style bottle rinser with a small submersible pump in a tub of sanitizer with a foot switch to sanitize & rinse 750ml bottles at my cidery. We do over 100 cases a day there easily. So it just depends what you want. I think that you may find the glass rinser for a single can at a time just too slow. Wouldn't take much effort to try it though!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      We are just using sinks to dunk and rinse the cans. Let them drain for a few minutes on the bar mat while filling the rest. Easily do 2-3bbl this way filling from the tap and using an Oktober seamer.


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        Fill a keg up with sanitizer/ or your rinsing fluid. Hook it up with tubing to a glass rinser that you would normally see mounted in a bar top, add pressure. Done!


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          I rigged up a faucet bottle washer attachment to a sanke coupler. This is what I use for bottles. It could work for cans as well if you just push down with the edge of the can.
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            Thanks for all the replies!