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    Is anyone having issues with Ardagh lids in their Angelus seamer? I've now heard of 3 separate breweries having issues where the can gets seamed and won't release from the chuck. Two are running wild goose and the other I forget. And it specifically happened when they changed to ardagh. Any thoughts?

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    We just started using Ardagh 202 cans and have had a lot of issues. I’m starting to question what kind of Qc they’re running


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      I've heard (second hand) that they let their tooling go longer before they stop a run. Where crown or ball will make 50 million lids, then retool their machinery, ardagh might go 100 million before they retool. So the specs on the lids in the beginning of the run would probably be different then the lids at the end. Again, I dont know for sure, but I've not heard of other lids messing up like this.

      What kind of seamer and line are you running? Are you having other problems than that?