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screw top aluminum bottles

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  • screw top aluminum bottles

    I have a small 2bbl brewery. Thinking of beers to go. Does anyone use screw top bottles and have a good resource to buy them?

    Thank you

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    Biased opinion here but you should check out to-go cans We (Oktober Can Seamers) supply small behind-the-bar can seamers and cans for exactly that application. Our machines are built in Michigan and we have a warehouse to supply cans in Nevada as well. Shoot us an email at if you have any questions or check out our website Cheers!


    • Jay Newbie
      Jay Newbie commented
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      Thx for the reply
      The few grand for the sealer is a little steep. Also not knowing if I'll sell enough to justify it.

    • OktoberDesign
      OktoberDesign commented
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      Hi Jay, we have a few models available and have a trade-in program that allows us to refurb machines that we can resell also. We get a ton of positive feedback from our customers on their quick return on investment. feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call anytime.

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    Hey Jay, I believe Exal Packaging (which I think either became or is owned by Trivium Packaging now) would be a good choice for aluminum bottles. Most of the aluminum bottles you'll find in 12 - 16oz sizes are made to support wide-mouth ROPP caps (like the Bud Light aluminum bottles).

    I hope this info was helpful!


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      My I ask how you plan on packaging your beer into bottles or cans? Are you also looking for a solution for that?


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        I would recommend an Oktober crowler seamer. If you're not sure about how much you'll sell maybe you can find a neighbor with a crowler machine to sell you a test run of cans to do some sales analysis. Ball sells screw top lids, you can seam a bunch at your buddies and then prefill or fill on demand. I think you'll discover it will be worthwhile to buy your own machine.