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overcoming a very long line between BBT and a canning line - possible?

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  • overcoming a very long line between BBT and a canning line - possible?

    Hi all

    I am about to install ABE's Craftcan 35 in my brewey (It's an Atmospheric canning line). Due to numerous reasons out of my control, my line length is 75' between my Unitanks and the canning line.
    I got advise from ABE to place a packaging cooled tank close to the canning line, and package the beer from there. This is possible but I wasn't planning on that, and would love to find another solution.

    Thought about inatalling a HEX at the end of my brewer's hose, or to fabricate a glycol loop around my brewer's hose to keep the beer cold.
    I relise that pressure loss over the length of the line could also be an issue.

    Anyone have experiance with canning such a long distance and can share some wisdom?


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    Heatx is definitely an option. I know of a very large AB owned craft brewery that does this, but the do have issues with beer freezing in its. Make sure you have a way to warm it back up, but I think placing the line as close as possible is a good option it cuts down on more then just cooling and heating like o2 pickup and pressure/temp swings.


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      Don't know about this particular ABE line, but many of these small canning machines have multiple hoses for feeding the machine to induce the correct back pressure. I think you could solve your problem by treating your product line as dispense. You have two easy options I can think of: Change many small lines to one larger and longer hose with same back pressure at full-speed flow rate; or install a python with glycol cooling and use beer pumps to overcome line friction. Former would reduce hose surface area to reduce heat pickup, latter would be more expensive option, but would allow you the luxury of cooled product line. Either way, I don't think this will be much of a problem in practice. Worst part is tripping on lines on the floor.
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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        You could get insulated process piping which would help.

        We run an ABE Lincan 35 and also have a long run (we use a 50ft hose). I'd suggest running a 1" brewer's hose for the extra restriction. We also have a tee right before the filler's inlet manifold. We attach a keg filling line to the tee and fill a half barrel keg off of it before we start canning - it chills down the hose pretty well. If you are packaging high carbonation you will want to get your BBT down to 29-30*F. With that combo we have been able to run 2.85vol beer in 95*F ambient weather.

        The Lincan and Craftcan fillers like to run with consistent temperatures and pressures, so I'd probably to avoid the HX route.