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Cask Vs. Twin Monkeys

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  • Cask Vs. Twin Monkeys

    I am looking into buying my first canning line and was wondering what everyone's opinions are of these two brands?

    A bunch of the brewers I know are not as happy with cask, but when I read online people seem to like them fine.

    Does anyone have experience running on a Twin Monkeys line and how is their customer service?

    Anyways thanks in advance and hope you all have a wonderful day!

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    We have a Twin Monkeys canning machine. We a very happy with it and the customer service is excellent. The fillers have a neumatically controlled stopper at the ends of the filling tubes so the beer doesn't drain out and fill with air. Nice design touch to keep dissolved oxygen levels low. We are getting less than 50 ppb. I would highly recommend one.