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Date Coder on WGC250

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  • Date Coder on WGC250

    Anybody run a inkjet date coder on a WGC250 or similar canning line abel to post pictures of your setup? We having a hell of a time getting it to work and markem is ready to throw in the towel.

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    put your printer on your post fill conveyance, with some air knives. We use the DICS from Ska Fab, it works like a champ.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Picture of Ska Fab D.I.C.S System

      This is a picture showing the conveyor coming through the air knife cage. This is a bolt on solution that is easily implementable. We make a custom bracket for the Markem Imaje print head so it integrates effortlessly into the line.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks for the referral TonyT.


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          Dating on Small Canning lines


          So, you are having problems dating in the rinse cage or on or around the WGC 250. We have found that dating in the rinse cage can only provide about 75% accuracy. The best way to do it, if you are alright missing some cans here and there (not good) , is to print below the exit of the rinse cage, yet mount your sensor on the WGC250 conveyor. This gives you better speed consistency and accuracy, but you still aren't gonna get it perfect.
          The best way to do it is post fill on a conveyor by either flipping the can($$$) or using the divert method we developed at Ska Fab:

          Here is a link to the video

          and to the website

          Please contact us for more info...



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            Markem 9450 Experiences

            HEY MATT the design refinements look " Excellent."
            I can recommend Ska's product across the board for reliability and stability.

            The Markem inkjet is " Quite " a piece of ridiculous Technology and is unstable on a good day. You will scarcely find a more infuriating line component than this " thing."
            The only thing possibly worse is the Packleader PL-501 which is a colossal joke for adding labels to blank cans. Highly unadvised....

            We need more details on you setup and what kind of ink you are running.
            Your ink should be 243. I know one of the Markem Field Techs who should most deinitely be able to solve your problem. His name is Greg Peterson and you need to request a service call if he covers your area.
            You need to provide more details as to what exactly is going on to see if it lines up with anything I have dealt with. I may be able to help.
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              The Markems are fine as long as the p.m. is done regularly and are perfectly stable once set up correctly. From the pics, the position of the head is too far from surface coded. Also, it needs to be perpendicular to the surface printed on. No CIJ is maintenance free, but proper maintenance and correct handling will make 99% of issues go away.