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  • Mobile Canning for nanos

    Has anyone looked into mobile canning for nanos? 4bbls

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    Originally posted by nateu View Post
    Has anyone looked into mobile canning for nanos? 4bbls
    I think just about every nano looks into this...for some silly reason. We can assume youÂ’ve sourced the appropriate number of cans with shrink sleeves or that they can be provided by the mobile company.

    Most mobile canners will not run less than 15bbl per run. A few will go down to 7bbl. I have not met anyone willing to go below that. There are valid reasons why - startup losses, temp & pressure stabilization, and frankly their pay for effort are usually the top. A lot charge by the number of cases produced.

    7bbl is only 100 cases (less actually) and would be an hours worth of work (@40cpm). It generally takes longer to setup and breakdown than for the whole run, so it doesnÂ’t make financial sense unless they are charging you a higher rate than a larger run might see. The 7Â’s I have seen accepted were with back-to-back 7Â’s allowing for one setup/tear down with a quick chem cycle between. A mobile company might hit two breweries in a day @ 15bbls (4-head goose).

    Why you would want to can something you only have 50 cases of is beyond me. By the time a customer comes back for more it is gone, and frankly thatÂ’s just frustrating. You gain all the negatives of packaged product without the benefits, IMHO.

    Can it be done? Pardon the pun, but you CAN do it. I would think this is more cost effective (and probably better quality) to prime and bottle. You can at least push the limited edition angle easier with a bomber or designer bottle. Labor cost will be drastically less to DIY it. Also you are a Nano - you probably have more time than money.


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      Thanks for the feedback

      Those are all good points thanks for the feedback


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        Unfermentable made a lot of excellent points and me being a mobile canner in Texas we live it every day. To be honest we see the beer world changing and changing fast. I built Beer Dudes Mobile Canning for new production breweries that wanted to can 30bbl at a time (400 cases for 12oz) and the model is quickly changing. We don't see new production / large distribution breweries opening now, we see small neighborhood / nano / micro / "local" breweries opening that want to do maybe 15 - 20 bbl of two or possibly three different beers but still don't have the room or the true need to own a canning line. It makes zero sense to own something to use 2 - 4 days a month, plus, packaging is a science yet an art to doing it right, it's not a "pump" you just hook up. We are currently working on a micro solution, mobile, one person from us and two from the brewery to do these smaller 200 case runs of two and three beers but still at 40 CPM we hope.