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Filling Un-carbonated Beer Into Kegs (Keg Weight for Head-space)

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  • Filling Un-carbonated Beer Into Kegs (Keg Weight for Head-space)

    When I was working at my intern brewery we would use the following equation to fill the kegs from the bright tank.

    (Final Gravity) x (Kegs Capacity [either 15.5 {half barrel} or 5.16 {1/6th barrel}]) x 8.41 = Weight on Scale While Filling


    1.005 x 15.5 x 8.41 = 131.0 lbs. for 1/2 barrels.
    1.005 x 5.16 x 8.41 = 43.61 lbs. for 1/6 barrels.

    This being said to things were known; (A) Beer was 42 degrees, (B) Beer was already carbonated from being in the bright tank overnight.


    I am opening my own nano brewery. I will not have a bright tank. I would need to know how heavy should I fill my keg to in order to leave enough head space in order to carbonate in the keg....?

    In the above equation the only constant that would be used is the 8.41. I am assuming this number here was taking temp and carbonation into account...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Math is weight of co2 per liter x volumes of carb x volume of keg. Add that to your liqui weight.

    If your concerned about the carbing then pull a spear from a keg, fill
    keg with water until it just reaches the shoulder of the keg body so you still have full cross section of keg diameter on th surface of the water. That’s gonna give you most surface area for gas exchange. weigh it. Thats your “ideal” volume for quick carbonating in keg. To be precise youd need to account for volume loss/displacement of spear body also and subtract it.

    This assumes the kegs are pouring in your bar. If these kegs are for sale then above is irrelevant. You fill to the “amount” of the keg- 15.5, 5gal, 50liter, etc. Anything else is typically fraud/larceny. Fill it to correct volume. Carb it. Weigh it. Use that number.
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      Ok so we only did it so precise because legality purposes...?

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