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    Just put a downpayment on the MicroCanner FLEX and I'd like to be able to start using it soon after it is received.

    My biggest question has to do with foam control. Considering buying ABE watchdog ( or similar from another company.

    Just hoping some could pass on some experience with dialing one of these "smaller" canning lines in and some things you learned dialing it in.


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    The Watchdog is a very useful tool. I run a tiny operation with a manual canner off kegs, but I was at a much bigger operation just this week and they absolutely swear by it.

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      Don't think you need anything else

      I've set up two Microcanner lines. They are simple to commission and to operate. Simple to troubleshoot, too. Never had any issue with foam. Our first installation produced a dozen pallets of cans the day after we got it. If you can reliably install draft lines, and you understand the basics of carbonation, then you'll have no trouble setting up Microcanner.
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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        The Watchdog is an excellent tool. Set-up properly, it maintains a constant OUTPUT pressure--something you'll struggle (and fail) to do by controlling headspace pressure only.

        OTOH--If the vessel you're canning from is under six or seven feet to top of fill, you don't need one at all. Just not that much difference from the headpressure of the beer.
        Timm Turrentine

        Terminal Gravity Brewing,
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          It is a god send of a tool. If you add a flow meter to it (or in line) and hook the transducer up to the blow off arm, it can aide in carbing as well.

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            ABE WatchDog

            The ABE WatchDog Brite Tank Monitor is sold with every ABE canner to ensure consistent pressure from start to finish.
            Call us at 402-475-2337 to discuss 15 - 90cpm canning options, and auxiliary items including the WatchDog.



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              I'm also looking for a small compact canning or bottling system that is easy to operate. It MUST be mobile and compact. I like how Microcanner actually has their prices on the website. We're a 5bbl brewery with 5bbl unitanks and BBTs