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Shurflo 2088 Diaphragm Pump

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  • Shurflo 2088 Diaphragm Pump

    Hello everyone-
    I run a nanobrewery. I have been using a Shurflo 2088 diaphragm pump ( ) for years now for transferring finished beer from fermentation vessels to kegs. I have two types of FVs: plastic conicals and stainless steel drums (God I can't wait for a brewhouse upgrade!) The self priming feature has proven very useful for the drums as I do not have any ports welded, so I pump through the top into kegs. For the plastic conicals, I hook it up to the racking arm with a TC fitting which works wonderfully. Turn on the pump and the kegs are filled in minutes.

    However, today I came across an issue for the first time with this pump. I was on my second keg when I noticed a leak coming from the pump body. Took it apart and there was some hop material that it had picked up. One of the little nipple doo-dads was also slightly torn. Cleaned it out, put it back together, adjusted the racking arm so nothing would get pulled. About halfway through the keg the pump tripped my GFC breaker. Reset, tripped again. Took it apart again, let it air dry, still tripped the breaker.

    Does anyone have experience troubleshooting these pumps? Should I replace the diaphragm? Why might I be shorting out?

    Thanks in advance

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    The diaphragm keeps the liquid you are pumping away from the electric motor. As soon as the diaphragm is punctured the liquid starts to leak into the motor and will short it out. It may be damaged beyond repair, but if you replace the diaphragm and dry out the motor well (in a very warm room for a couple of days) it might work again.
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