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Glycol header pump for multiple directions

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  • Glycol header pump for multiple directions

    Hey all,

    We are trying to rectify an old problem with the glycol distribution at a brewery we took over. We have to divide the glycol header in multiple directions CLT, Fermenters and another fermentation section. they all lie in a T pattern. Is there a particular pump we must install to ensure equal distribution of flow and pressure in all directions?.
    am concerned with using a U shaped Header as the pressure can get distributed on the way and not reach the other end of the section which is currently the case. We are also increasing the glycol tank capacity to accommodate new tanks.

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    search on this forum for info on first-in/ last-out arrangements of the glycol supply and return headers.
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN


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      You must have sufficient header size to accommodate more tanks. Otherwise, you're pressure drop through piping is too much and it will be difficult to get proper flow rate. It's something missed many times during an expansion. In some cases you may be able to upsize the main trunk and maintain the branch size. And as suggested above, configure the loop so that every tank has same flow path length.
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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        Before you add a larger reservoir you will need to determine if that was a simple option from the manufacturer. If not the compressor,condenser will likely not be able to chill the glycol/water mix sufficiently. As was mentioned above the header I.D. may not be sized to handle the flow requirements of additional tank jackets either.
        Marc Martin (N.W. Brewery Advisors)


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          Thank you all for the suggestions. Currently as it stands the diameter of header pipe is about 2 inches SS and 1.5 Inch SS as it feeds the tanks. We have 6 x 20 HL 6 X 10 HL and 1 X 20 HL CLT with 2 input lines for each jacket and 1 common exit. Entry exit is all from the top of the tanks. The pump they have used is a 7.5 HP mono block pump located a floor above which feeds into the header. Due to less reservoir capacity we have airlock issues in pipes and jacket which we have to release before transferring wort. This whole system doesn't deliver the required amount of chilling as it is. There is sufficient refrigeration capacity for the new reservoir. We have to manually use the bypass and crash 1 tank at a time while others remain off. My question is will a multistage CP be better and what capacity? We don't have information on jackets - flow and volume surface area etc as the manufacturer won't cooperate. Looking for a ball park figure from experience.


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            2" tubing is adequate for your tanks. Your pump is oversized. I've got more than four times that fermentation capacity running on a single 0.9kW = 1.2HP pump. Your line pressure should not exceed 1 bar. Airlock issues? Do you have vents on high points in your loop? And I don't understand how you don't have enough capacity now, but you would for a new reservoir and increased cooling?
            Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--