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Two Pumps, two issues

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  • Two Pumps, two issues

    Our wort transfer pump (boiler to HEX) has recently sprung a slow (but probably significant) leak. This happened just after the Impeller Neck Ring gave up the ghost, but the two companies I spoke to told me not to bother replacing it and one even suggested that a customer who has bought thousands of pumps from them always takes it off when installing. The pump is useable, but probably costing us some beer/hot wort might clog it up if it leaks all over, it's a slow drip from the very bottom of the face. I have taken the unit apart but not down to the mechanical seal yet. Annoyingly one of the screws is very worn out and won't turn with a hex key so I think that'll be a hacksaw job next time it's taken apart.

    Secondly the pump between our Mash Tun and Boiler works absolutely fine when cold, but when pumping hot liquids it won't turn back on once turned off. Obviously some sort of overheating issue. Nothing I'm panicking about particularly, but could prove problematic if I had to switch it off during sparge for whatever reason. I use this pump for cask washing too, so being able to turn it on and off would mean I could use hot caustic rather than cold.

    The first pump is an Ebara CDXA 70/07, the second probably a similar model (can't read specs.)

    I would add I'm not very clued up on this stuff so if you want to suggest taking it to our local pump workshop then please do.