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  • Chinese pump from ABS

    We've got a pump here that i cant find the pump curve for.

    issue is : 20bbl brewhouse
    my knockouts are taking an 1hour plus.
    I've gone through the heat ex being the issue. it is not.
    temp is no issue either.
    I've checked the control box mod for the kettle pump
    and its seems to be set correctly to the specs of the pump.
    The pump is suppose to be a 3hp pump i think not.
    wiring seemsssss like its correct .
    it is rotating correctly.

    The pump is a y2-90L-2
    3HP/60hz pump
    does anyone have any info on this ie spec sheet, opt manual, pump curves,etc.....
    or any idea besides what we tested to be the issue ?

    i have already contacted abs they don't know anything about anything
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    Pump curve

    Hi DOGMA46AN2,

    Michael here from ABS Commercial. I happened to come across this post and wanted to help out personally. Is this Joe or a representative from Red Hills Brewing? I was making a guess based on your profile location. If not, please send me your email so I can assist with this further.

    I'll be happy to answer these questions for you and get the information over to you immediately. The pumps are purchased by our manufacturer through YUY. The model number is YUY-L-2.2-10-24 which is a 2.2KW, 10T 3HP pump. I tried to upload both the performance curve and user manual here but the file size cannot be supported. I will be sending an email to Joe at Red Hills with the link to access both files via our company google drive. Again, if this is not Joe, please send me your email address so I can send you the link.

    For additional trouble shooting, one thing I can think to check is the cooling water temperature going into the heat ex. As you remember, we operate a 20 BBL brew house at Raleigh Brewing Company which uses these exact same components. We have our CLT temperature set to 38 degrees F and can knockout between 35-40 minutes on a standard ale. What temperature are you keeping your CLT? If you do not currently have a CLT, did you upgrade your heat ex to a dual stage?

    Another point I can think of is checking your procedure on the fermenter side after the block and bleed. At Raleigh Brewing, we have the blow off arm valve cracked opened to reduce pressure in that tank to facilitate that transfer speed. I could see this added pressure causing the transfer to take longer.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide or information I can give you to help resolve this. Thank you.

    Michael McAdoo
    Sales Manager
    ABS Commercial
    919-400-9087 ext 1005
    919-527-9015 (Cell)