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Topline centrifugal pump c114...opinions,comments, critisism?

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  • Topline centrifugal pump c114...opinions,comments, critisism?

    Just looking for any positive or negative feedback from someone who has used a Topline centrifugal pump before. Thanks for taking the time to read and share!



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    Industry Workhorse

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't used a Top Line C114!

    Pretty much industry standard. And lots of other brands are based on the same model, use the same seals, etc.

    Learning to replace a C114 seal is a right of passage, and a very good, basic skill to learn.

    One thing to keep in mind (at least in my experience) is that they don't particularly love pumping hot wort with hop particles in it (read: whirlpool.) Generally you don't have much of a choice on smaller brew houses, so I would suggest rigging up a system to spray a small stream of water on the back of the seal when running hot wort through it.

    Cheers- Mike


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      These are the easiest pumps out there when it comes to maintenance.

      Be sure you get one with a washed seal--or rig up a water flow to go over the seal. Our Vorlauff pump ate a seal in less than a month before I rigged a seal wash for it. With some water flowing over the seal, it has now gone three years with no problems. Pretty simple to do, but just save the headache and buy it with one.
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        Like others have said, it's pretty hard to beat a C114 pump - which is why Tri-Clovers original design has been replicated with minimal changes by nearly everyone. They're simple, easy to maintain, and as long as you take care of them they will last forever.

        They have limitations of course, but for the price they can't be beat. They don't handle suspended solids as well as positive displacement pumps, and they aren't self-priming.

        However, when you can get a C114 for just over a grand you just can't beat it for value.
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