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    PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: ignore the glycol lines not wrapped and attached yet! (I know someone will say something negative, lol).

    Okay, manufacturer says 3T (3-Ton) per hour. A ton is approx 242 gallon x 3 is 726 gallons per hour and 12.1 GPM.

    That being said, I am using a 3" TC with a Blichman rotating ball, I hear it vigourousely spraying all over the inside and hitting about 12.5 PSI without releasing trapped air....

    I am impressed and for my 2BBL brewery, I think it will be sufficient. This style pump does separate the electricity from the impeller side of the house and I will install a inline GFCI not too mention I have ran a dedicated CB from the Circuit Breaker Panel solely for this pump....

    Just wanted to share with others that may be curious about these pumps.....

    This is filling 30 gallons from HLT

    Untitled by Jeremy Boucher, on Flickr

    This is the Blichman ball

    Untitled by Jeremy Boucher, on Flickr

    This is 1/2" NPT to TC for Blichman Ball

    Untitled by Jeremy Boucher, on Flickr

    This is me recirculating the fermenter with the test run, during recirculating i needed 30 gallons to create just enough downward pressure on the water out the bottom into the pump to reach 15PSI on the gauge during recirculation for 30 mins.

    Untitled by Jeremy Boucher, on Flickr

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    I have also shared that Ive had good sucess with this same pump for over a year now. I took mine completely apart to make sure I could source all replacement parts and there is not much too them. We use 2 similiar pumps like this now for our 3bbl brewhouse. BTW if you use the correct larger Inside diameter hoses it will work more effectively.. I am surprised the silicone hasnt burst on you yet. my pump wouldnt even work with my 3/4" ID santoprene hoses as it sucked the walls in on the intake hose. I now use a 1.25" ID vintners hose for our intake hose and 1" ID hoses for the output side (the blue and red brewery/washdown hoses) we also use these for whirlpool. With the hoses and restrictive small valves your using now you really are choking that pump quite a bit and it would CIP much better once you change them out. its WAY more than 12.5 GPM this thing blows away my 17gpm rated pump.

    BTW I had my output santoprene hose burst free from the barbed fitting when I first tested mine... it sprayed water like a fire hose 40ft across the room.. VERY SCARY and dangerous.
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      Do you have a link to the hoses that you use for CIP and some pictures maybe?


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        Originally posted by Brwd.By.Boucher View Post
        Do you have a link to the hoses that you use for CIP and some pictures maybe? this is the type of hose but im fairly sure I have the 1" ID stuff. I use this stuff for the intake side of the pump. and this is the stuff we use for whirlpooling.