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Glycol air bleeding?

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  • Glycol air bleeding?


    I am a newbie at doing all this and am in the middle of setting up all the equipment. I appreciate any help you can offer on the following.

    I am building the Glycol system for two fermenters with jackets. They are only 3.5 bbl jacketed ferms. It looks like the in and out for glycol on the chiller are only 1/2 inch. The jacket on the fermenter is 1 inch NPT. It is only 3/4 HP but again, only doing 2 small fermenters on the line.

    1. Can I use solenoid valves like they use on sprinkler systems to turn on and off the opening to the jackets? What do you recommend for valves please

    Kind Regards,

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    I am not sure the rating on the "sprinkler" solenoid valves, we recommend purchasing 0 PSI pressure differential (or at least very low low PSI) solenoid valves- these don't rely upon the supply side line pressure to hold the valves closed. Check the specifications of the valves you are considering and make certain they are also rated for the solution temperature that you'll be operating.

    The valves we offer can be found here:

    1/2" connections seem pretty small, what is the flow rating on the system? Id estimate you'll want to supply 3-5 GPM to each cooling jacket.

    Good Luck to you.