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Brite Tank & Freezing

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  • Brite Tank & Freezing

    We have just ordered a jacketed brite tank that we will use to chill and then carbonate our kombucha.

    As the kombucha in the tank won’t have alcohol in it will we need to keep the coolant above zero to prevent the kombucha in the tank from freezing?

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    Depends - on where your temperature probe is, and what degree of accuracy the controller is going to be able to achieve. If your glycol is less than zero C, then the probe needs to be at high level, as effectively you have water and ice floats. If your probe is low down, then you risk freezing.

    Having said all of that, if you set your glycol to say zero or plus one, then irrespective of anything else you won't produce any ice (assuming your glycol temperature is accurate), and since it will cost you slightly less in electricity to run your fridge plant to achieve say plus 1 C, compared to say minus 2, then why run it cold?, unless you need it cold for say 5% ABV beer at the same time. You would only want to run the glycol colder if you really needed to chill to say 1 deg C for bottling. A local producer I have been involved with only cools down to about 4 C before bottling, possibly not even that much depending on how much condition you are getting the yeast & bacteria to produce once bottled.