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Glycol Loop Pump Recommendation

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  • Glycol Loop Pump Recommendation

    Hello Guys, I have three unitanks and two BBTs. Each one has it's own pump and PEX pipe running to the glycol reservoir. The pumps are controlled by a thermostat. These are all brand new Procon pumps. I have only used one of the pumps before the corona shutdown. That tank had beer in it since March and it has been at 36F. I was going to dump that beer so I'm not concerned about that. The pump did not power on very often and when on did no need to run for long. However, Saturday afternoon, I noticed that pump was running and making a lot of noise. The motor body was too hot to touch. I assume it is a bearing. So, I checked with the vendor, whom I won't mention. I was informed by them that it has a 1yr warranty but was told that it is difficult to get anything out of Procon. Plus I have to send in the pump. That means I have to buy a replacement and maybe, they'll replace the bad one. But, I'm not holding my breath. So instead of wasting time and money I'm going to try another type of pump.

    Any recommendations?