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Critique my Glycol System Drawing

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  • Critique my Glycol System Drawing

    Does this look right for the general schematic? Pipe sizing not withstanding (thinking 1.5 or 2" headers). The rectangle at the top goes to a dual-stage wort chiller. All will have solenoids on the supply side of the tank. And no, my chiller is not a pallet, and no I'm not chilling tables. But freeware is great!
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    does you use glycol water to cool FV BBT Wort? And then back to GWT?


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      That's almost exactly how my glycol system looks. It is for 7 and 15bbl fermenters and brites. 2" header and 3/4" lines to the tanks. I also have a bleeder valve at the beginning at the highest point to clear the trapped air when you are starting up the system. Be sure to put manual valves everywhere. My system works great BTW!


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        It's a correct First-in/Last-out.
        I would probably start the return on the first tank using an elbow with reducer instead of a tee that you need to cap - easier and less work.
        Is there room for expansion using this loop from this chiller? if so, you may want to either leave stand-by tees or add some valves at the end so you don't need to shut-off the loop to add these in the future.
        When it comes to pipe sizing, you need to take in account the glycol flow need of each tank, how many tanks will be demanding glycol at the same time and the maximum gpm of the chiller - you want to make sure your header has the right capacity without over dimensioning it.
        Don't forget to add the future tanks here if you are considering any expansion - you don't want to replace the existing pipe with a larger one once you add the new tanks or larger tanks! Make sure you install the right capacity from the beginning.

        Feel free to reach me if you need any further input (by-pass, valves on supply and return, y-strainer, vent valves, etc).

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