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Horizontal glycol solenoid?

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  • Horizontal glycol solenoid?

    Because of limited ceiling height, I'm considering plumbing my 3/4" glycol drops horizontally from the 1.5" headers, rather than vertically as is more typical. Braided vinyl tubing will then connect the fermenters to the glycol solenoid. Does anyone foresee a problem with operating horizontal solenoids? And if not, does the orientation of the solenoid matter? (ie- diaphragm facing upwards, downwards, or sideways?

    Also...the does the orientation of the tiny hole in the solenoid diaphragm matter when reassembling after cleaning? Thanks in advance!

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    Everything is dependent on your particular solenoid. Many are made to install only on the horizontal. Most are made to install coil upwards. And nearly all of them require flow in only one direction. Find the instructions for your solenoid. I'm sure there are some installation dos & don'ts there. BTW, install a fine-mesh strainer after your glycol pump with pressure gauges immediately before and afterwards to monitor the delta pressure in your system over the strainer. This should maintain your glycol's cleanliness. You should never have to disassemble and clean solenoids.
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      @Greatlife In regards to solenoid orientation, make sure the coil/stem is installed at 9/12/3 o’clock (not 6) when looking down the pipe at the solenoid.
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