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Over Diluted Glycol

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  • dick murton
    You may well still be OK at that strength, but it depend on the primary chiller temperature used to chill the glycol. 25% is ok down to about minus 10C.

    If you need to make it more concentrated, I would simply accept the loss of that glycol, though you might be able to save it in a sealed drum and use it for future partial top ups - but you would need to check if this is OK with a reputable supplier

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  • chungyfied
    started a topic Over Diluted Glycol

    Over Diluted Glycol

    I slightly over diluted my glycol solution (did not account for excess water leftover in pipes and jackets) and it is now sitting at ~25% v/v. I have used up my glycol but I do have excess diluted glycol so I was wondering if it is possible to somehow evaporate the water to concentrate the solution?