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Controlling Multi-jacketed Tanks Based on Volume

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  • Controlling Multi-jacketed Tanks Based on Volume

    Hello all,

    We have 255 bbl and 85 bbl tanks, each with 3 jackets. The cone and lower jackets are controlled by one actuated valve and the top jacket is controlled by another. I have a question based on volume of the liquid inside. We do have partial batches where we set to partial since the volume isn't up to the second jacket, but there is another scenario where the wort is only partially up the second jacket. Should we chill with that jacket then? Would it freeze the kraeusen on top? An example is a triple batch of our IPA is 218 bbl, but our top jacket goes from 186-255 bbl. I feel like there is enough volume that the beer should be chilled. Let's say we have a batch of something that is more like 192 bbl, only "6" barrels into the top jacket. Most of the kraeusen will be chilling as well. Do we chill it then? Is there a rule of thumb for percentage of surface area covered?

    Peter Cronin
    Senior Quality Analyst
    AleSmith Brewing Company

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    I would use the highest jacket that is completely covered. Using the higher jackets help to establish a thermo-siphon within the ferm, preventing stratification.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.