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    Hey all, I'm asking for help with sizing my nano's walk-in. I'm really struggling to feel good about any particular walk-in size in laying out our taproom. I want to leave room for future increased production while at the same time not ending up with a dance floor in the middle of my box. I'd really like to get some feedback on what size walk-in your nano brewery has/had/would like to have, and maybe some info like what I'm showing below so I can consider your business particulars and box size : my business particulars and potential box size.

    Thanks so much, this community is awesome I love it!

    My situation:
    3.5bbl brewhouse with (6) 3.5bbl ferms and (2) 3.5bbl brites
    1st year production goal is ~220 bbls, expected max is ~450 bbls
    Serving out of kegs only
    No bottling or canning
    No food in-house
    We'll self distribute kegs but ideally the taproom will be busy enough to eliminate all distribution
    Have room for a 12'x12' box

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    Cram in the 12' x 12' and make it twice that size if you can, somehow!

    Before growing and moving we were a 3bbl taproom brewery that started with a 10' x 10' cooler that also housed a 3bbl brite tank. This filled up VERY quickly (200ish bbl annually). We took out a cooler wall and built another 6 feet onto it making it a 10'x 16' cooler and added a 7bbl brite. This got us to 400+bbl annually but it was still a pain. If you are a bustling taproom in any sense of the word and don't have your brite tanks in the cooler you will still easily utilize all of this space and wish you had more. Between hops, yeast storage, kegs, cellared beers and room to move around and rotate inventory you will fill it up surprisingly quick! It should be noted that we also ran 12 draft lines out of this same cooler.

    It is an unfortunate thing that you will pretty much ALWAYS want more cold space than you have! If you can't fit it in your proposed space is there an option for leasing cold space elsewhere nearby or some other creative option to give you that "relief valve" when the time comes? While we were tight on space to start we couldn't pass up the location of the building that we were in. Affordable rent and centrally-located in a bustling downtown and the only brewery in town. This certainly helped us fuel the business and drive growth. It was a compromise that made sense in our situation.

    Regrading the distribution - work as hard as you can to drive your taproom traffic while you are small to make those high margins. If you KNOW you are going to grow in the near future you can begin planting the seed of distribution, share your growth timeline and start building those relationships with your accounts but I would be hesitant to allow too much beer out your back door if you can keep folks coming in the front door to drink it in your taproom.