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Chilling old flash freezer?

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  • Chilling old flash freezer?

    We are putting a brewery in an old fish factory.
    The original flash freezer room will be used. The inside fans with copper pipes are still there. Maybe 50 years old. Would it be practical to hook it up to a glycol tank and chiller to run?
    Cheers Gary

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    Equipment Differences

    It depends on what you have there. Glycol and DX Fancoil units are not sized or set up in the same manner and they are not interchangeable. If you have DX gear you can put a DX unit on it and so forth. If the vault is in good enough condition to be re-purposed, then there are choices that can be made. It can also be re-fitted with new running gear if its worth it.
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      The freezer is this 2 storey concrete and block bunker. The 1st floor (flash freezer) has had the insulation redone at one point, but we now decided to use the 2f freezer. The 2f one has had the insulation and guts removed so it needs to be redone.
      So i'll either buy a modern one and place it there or build one. Thanks for the help.
      I was planning to put a cold water reservoir in the freezer for wort cooling. Is there any reason I should not put the glycol tank in there?