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    I have the 1/3 HP pump from Foxx. They upsized the hose barbs to 1/2" which was the largest they could go. I used a PEX adapter to connect to my 3/4" PEX loop. I have this pressure valve just before the return of my loop. With that valve wide open, my pressure gauge shows 0psi. As I start to close that valve, the pressure rises and I set it to 14psi. Now, when I open the solenoid to the first fermenter, the pressure drops to 0psi again and nothing flows into the jacket of the fermenter. The specs on the pump are I believe 170psi. I can't figure out what the problem is. The three FVs are 5bbl and the loop is a total of about 65ft from beginning until it returns. There is about a 6ft lift going and returning. Any ideas? Three photos attached.
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    Is anyone using a Procon pump? I wonder if I need to move to a different pump for my loop. As seen in my diagram above, the valve and gauge are where the return begins. No pressure registers unless I close the valve a bit. But, the moment I open a solenoid valve on any fermenter, the pressure drops to 0 and I can't figure out why. I have a ball valve between my solenoid valve and the FV. If I close that valve a little, it will raise the pressure a little in the main loop. But not back to 15psi. During this test, I have a large container of water instead of my chiller. I can clearly see the water as it exists the return pipe and it is flowing nicely but does not have much force. With the valves fully open and nothing restricting the flow, I would think it would create more pressure at the return end. The pressure valve is a bit noisy and sometimes, it will get completely quiet as if it is open all the way but the pressure gauge still reads 15psi.


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      That valve you linked to is an adjustable pressure relief valve. I'm not too sure you want that on your return line since it's only going to open when you have enough pressure in the line


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        I'm not sure you have the correct type of valve. Relief valves typically stay open after pressure is met. Bypass valves regulate pressure.

        This is what I use.


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          Yep, I figured out that I need something else in that loop. But that was after I went out and bought additional pumps for each unitank.


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            I know you got alot on your plate at the moment, but i gotta say That wood aint a great idea, should have been pressure treated. Best you can do now is seal it well and maybe even caulk the joint against the wall and floor. Otherwise its black mold and dry rot. No bueno.


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              For building this yourself you are making it more complex than you need to. You do not need pressure to cool, you need flow. Yes every pump has head pressure, but having a specific psi is not really the issue all you need is glycol moving. When your tank solenoid opens your pressure goes to zero bc there is no back pressure on the glycol return line. Assuming the glycol return just dumps into a non pressure reservoir like most. But if your pump is still running you should be getting flow. The bypass valve exists so when all solenoids are closed pressure builds and it opens so you dont deadhead your pump or blowout a line. How are you determining you have no flow when the solenoids opens? Did you fill the jackets of the tanks with water or glycol or are they empty? Could take time to fill. Cheers. J
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                Thanks Everyone for the info. I wound up buying individual pumps for each tank. The loop is still there but I won't use it now. The problem was glycol would not flow through the tank when the solenoid was open. I think I needed another valve after the pressure relief to create some backpressure which would allow glycol to follow the path of least resistance when the solenoids were open. It cost me more money this way but if something goes wrong now, it is much easier to trouble shoot.