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Wall penitration.

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  • Wall penitration.

    I am currently getting ready to set up my glycol system and am setting my 3hp Chilstar outside. What is the best way to penetrate the wall to inside. Should there be a flexable line? or will hard piping through the wall be ok. The chiller is sitting ~1 foot away from the wall and point of building entry.

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    Is the wall fire rated? If so youll need to sleeve it and then fill the voids with fire caulk. The electrical wholesalers usually have threaded nipples for big conduits, in sizes like 3 or 4” diameter, plenty big for sleeving a 1-2” glycol line. A 6” long nipple is good for a regular 2x4 wall, screw a nut on each end to hold in place.

    If its not fire rated, id still sleeve it with a piece of pvc or abs pipe, run your line, then fill the gaps with foam.

    Do not run naked glycol line through the wall cavity. It’ll sweat in the heat and you’ll get mold. Dont ask me how i know.


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      Very good advice there!

      For a non-fire-rated wall, I use a hole saw big enough to allow the insulated pipe to pass through with some slop, then seal with spray foam.
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