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vessel cone glycol fittings.

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  • vessel cone glycol fittings.

    hi all,
    Ive been working on redoing our glycol line insulation, trying to make it a sleek as possible. the thing that im running into is how the glycol ports exit the cone on the FV's. our tanks are a standard 60 degree cone with the ports coming out perpendicularly to the cone instead of parallel to the ground.

    im wanting to sheath the entire drop down all of the way to the tank with white pvc jacketing, the problem is that this only comes in 45 and 90 degree bends.

    so, my question is; Does anyone know where to get 3/4" npt 30 degree elbows? do they even exist? how are all of you tying a 60 degree cone in to a 90 degree world?

    any feed back is much appreciated.

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    Not an answer to your question but when I have all the PVC and insulation on it looks straight without the extra 30 Deg fitting. You could maybe try a short 3/4 npt pipe and bend it to the angle you need.
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      Thanks rushstop. That's kinda what I was thinking I would have to do with some soft copper.
      Also, I can't seam to view that image. Do you mind re-posting it?


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        I used 3 90's - can usually get anywhere you want to go - works for tc parts too.
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