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  • Glycol system setup help

    I'm using the downtime to get our glycol system going and I have some questions around pipe sizing that I can't seem to find answers to. I started off by reading the "everything you want to know about glycol" article and found out that I want to know more. I also found this FAQ page rather helpful. Now on to my questions.

    I have a Schreiber 1.5 ton chiller with 1" piping. My plan was to run 1" insulated sch80 PVC as the main lines and T off to the tanks and HX. The problem is that all of these things have different sized fittings. My non-jacketed tanks have 1/2" coils, my jacketed tanks have 3/4" ports and the HX has 3/4"(?) garden hose fittings. My plan was to T the non-jacketed tanks with 1/2" pipe to run to the coils. I'll run hardline and connect to a flexible line with a ball valve on the end so I can disconnect the coils easily when removing the manway cover (on top.) On the jacketed tanks and HX, I was thinking to run 1" to them and reduce at the fittings. Does this sound sensible?

    Second question is the flow order. Should I go small fitting to large order? Or Large fitting to small order? Something else?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The rule of thumb I used is simple - the main pipe sized as the widest pipe in hardware (1" chiller output is the widest) for steadier flow, the tees sized to the recieving input (if you have 3\4, put 3\4 there). If you did your glycol line by the book (1st IN is last OUT), you will have enough flow and pressure in all small lines. NOTE: don't buy cheap flexible lines because glycol at low temps is more fluid and tend to leak through stuff and connections.
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