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Recomendations for spent grain removal bins?

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  • Recomendations for spent grain removal bins?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend suppliers of bins for spent grain removal?

    We're using basic rubber bins which are smaller then the 19 inch chute we have on the mash which causes quite abit more mess on the floor than i'd like during spent grain removal.


    Dave Woodward
    Tofino Brewing Co.

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    Spent Grain

    We use an old screw auger to move the grain into a trailer and it gets hauled off to the cows. The auger is just a screw elevator with a hopper on the inlet big enough to dump the mash into. The other end dumps into a trailer. (or bin)
    The auger is about 10" in diameter but a smaller one would work.


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      Dump hoppers work well, can be moved around with a pallet jack or forklift. McMaster-Carr sells them.
      Linus Hall
      Yazoo Brewing
      Nashville, TN


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        Hey Dave-

        We use fish totes which we forklift under the outlet of the mash tun. Plastic ones are ubiquitous around here, but our favorite are aluminum. They're tough to come by though. They stand up better to rough treatment and the cold.
        Clarke Pelz
        Cynosure Brewing


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          Here's another site that sells dump hoppers as well. We got ours from here and have had no issues.

          Bold City Brewery


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            Bulk totes are what we use. They hold plenty of lbs and two fit perfectly on the back of the farmers pickup truck.

            Like these...
            Joel Halbleib
            Partner / Zymurgist
            Hive and Barrel Meadery
            6302 Old La Grange Rd
            Crestwood, KY


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              Hiya Dave,
              I have found some very durable 40-50 gallon, plastic drums from my local car wash. They get wash detergent in them. I cut off the top with a sawz-all and rinse the living hell out of 'em.
              Work great, stand up to abuse in the brewery and the farm. Load them on a pallet and use the pallet jack to fill them at the mash tun.

              Glacier Brewing Company

              "who said what now?"


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                We use 1 cubic yard dumpsters on wheels. They are the perfect height for our mash tun, easy to roll around and we load them on a trailer with a forklift. Our farmer has a bobcat with an attachment that lets him pick them from the fork pockets and flip them 180 degrees for dumping.
                Paul Thomas
                Sockeye Brewing


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                  Tuff tubs.....


                  We use the 180 gal size. put it on a pallet under grain out shoot, our farmer then can load them in his truck with our fork lift.


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                    Re: Spent grain removal bins


                    We offer FSMA-compliant spent grain containers. Our most popular is 48" x 40" x 31" H, color-coded (so you don't confuse for garbage), and available with removable lids (great for keeping smells down and pests out). You can nest/stack these when they are empty and power-wash them to keep them clean/sanitary. Here is a link:

                    Click image for larger version

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                    We have a blog that outlines in plain English the FSMA regulations for spent grains as well as a guide for choosing the best containers. Give us a call if you need help.



                    Chris Joyce
                    Owner/President, Union Jack
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                    Union Jack Tools
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                      What size are you talking? For smaller systems Rubbermaid Brute 30gl trash cans - for larger used IBC totes with the top cut open. Only 100$ or so.
                      Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
                      "Your results may vary"


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                        I would caution those that are considering general purpose trash containers for spent grains to look at the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) regulations that are part of FSMA (of which breweries of all sizes must comply). 21 CFR Part 117.95 Holding and Distribution of Human Food Byproducts cites that if your spent grains are used for animal food your containers must be:
                        • Designed, constructed of appropriate material, cleaned as necessary, and maintained in a way that protects against the contamination of human food byproducts for use as animal food
                        • Must be protected from trash
                        • Identified/labeled with common name

                        NOTE: Contamination may be caused by physical, chemical, or biological contaminants.

                        Are your containers food grade? Did they hold harsh chemical prior to use? Are they distinguishable from regular trash to keep glass out of spent grains? Are they easy to clean before bringing them back into your facility after coming into contact with animal waste? No matter what you choose, have an answer to these questions so you'll be prepared when you are audited by the FDA or Dept of Ag. It also doesn't hurt to have a basic contract with your farmer so that you're crystal clear on how the grain is being used.

                        Hope this helps,

                        Chris Joyce
                        Owner/President - Union Jack
                        Union Jack Tools
                        (800) 672-8119